Cyberghost VPN 6.0.2

A free VPN service for surfing anonymously or accessing blocked, foreign websites

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Cyberghost VPN 6.0.2
Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN is a piece of virtual private network software that is partially free. It has a number of built-in functions including anonymous torrents and surfing, customizable settings, website and streaming unblocking, and robust internet protection.

Perhaps the first thing you'll notice about Cyberghost is that it's quite intuitive. The software is worth trying on your own simply so you can see how easy it is. It only takes a click or two to access the most typical VPN functions, so it offers advanced methods for battling censorship on the web in a fast and efficient way.

Something that this app handles that others typically don't is streaming data. It's inadvisable that you should use this functionality for gaming that requires steady timing since it can produce an occasional lag, but the software goes a step further by finding streaming services to which you can be safely directed.

Many users will be more than satisfied with the above utility from Cyberghost, but it is possible to fully customize the software thanks to the 'Choose My VPN Server' panel in the app.

This panel allows you to choose your own server, and it gives access to other settings that can be altered per your needs. This includes the decision to compress data or block ads. With the proper settings, you could use the functionality in this panel to subvert regional policies for blocking internet access while surfing entirely anonymously.

Power users will notice that the server browser is still designed to make it easy to select the ideal server. Servers can be sorted by number of current users, overall speed, latency, and distance. If you want to make sure your online tracks are covered, you could access NoSpyProxy servers, servers with P2P compatibility, or busier servers that are harder to track.

While many of the functions found in Cyberghost VPN require a paid subscription, you can still use the 'Unblock Basic Websites' panel in the free version. This might not sound like much, but it still helps you avoid internet censorship in many forms. Most VPNs are designed specifically for that function, and it's rare to find such a top-tier software solution with that free feature.

If you need a piece of VPN software that will help you get around censorship online, Cyberghost is free and powerful. The app is highly recommended for those who need to complete VPN tasks of any sort. It can offer every security layer that standard VPN suites provide, and the user doesn't have to configure the software for optimal utility. Users can select their own favorite apps and web browsers to use with the software. If you have need of VPN utility to any degree, Cyberghost is the ideal option. Perhaps the only downside is the occasional misspelled word in the user interface.


  • Highly Intuitive
  • Some Free Aspects
  • Pleasant UI
  • Streaming Service Unblocking


  • Interface Typos

Cyberghost VPN allows users to surf the web without revealing their identity. Enlisting the support of a VPN sends traffic from your computer through a secure tunnel that your Internet service provider cannot penetrate. VPNs can come in handy when you want to surf privately in a coffee shop, library or other public place without compromising your data. By protecting your Internet connection and the data being uploaded and downloaded from your computer, you can prevent hackers from intercepting important information. They will not be able to access credit card numbers, private data and other information that can be used to commit identity theft.

A VPN also provides a way for you to access websites that may be blocked in certain countries. When visiting forums, chat rooms, websites and places online, you reveal your IP address, which a website can use to identify your geographical location and individual computer. Cyberghost helps protect information by routing your information through their servers via an encrypted tunnel.

One disadvantage of all VPN providers is that the process of masking your IP identity can slow down your connection. However, if privacy and security is important to you, then this is the best option that keeps your information safe. Proxy servers are an unreliable way to protect data exchanges online, since you cannot always know who is on the other end, monitoring the proxy server. Cyberghost VPN comes from a respected and well-known company that has been in the VPN industry for several years.

When you launch the application, you may get the option to choose from several different countries that will determine the IP address that you are assigned. If you want websites to think you're coming from Germany, you can select an option for a server based in Germany. You may need to purchase a specialized plan to gain access to certain countries. The service isn't free, although you can download and try the software for free. If all you care about is protecting your data, select the option to choose the best server automatically. Otherwise, selecting a server too far away from your current location may result in a significant reduction in speed. You have to remember that when you send information online through a VPN service, and gets routed through an external computer. If that computer is too far away, it can drastically slow down your Internet speed.

The Cyberghost VPN software provides some basic configuration settings so that you can have the VPN automatically start when you computer boots up. This option helps keep your system protected at all times and may be a good option for those in need extra security.


  • Secures your information by encrypting all data that goes in and out of your computer.
  • Provides options to connect to several different countries.
  • Masks your IP address and protects your identity.


  • There is a fee to access certain servers and plans.
  • Doesn't integrate directly with the operating system, and you have to use the software application to initiate the VPN.
  • Using the VPN may slow down your available Internet connection speed.

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